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The Wrath of God and the Death of Jesus

The phrase, "the wrath of God" is one of the most overused and ambiguous phrases in the church today. Many pastors say this and throw the phrase around. Songs like "In Christ Alone" have come out. It says, "till on that cross as Jesus died, The wrath of God was satisfied". What does this phrase mean? What does it not mean? Is it possible that if we misunderstand this phrase, we can be led to an unhealthy view of God?

You are invited to join in on this short, yet helpful, read to consider how God's love plays out on the cross and how God's love is extended throughout eternity.


A Musical Journey


David Ruybalid is not new to the music scene. He has been a driving force behind many studio projects and live performances. As a high schooler he spent much of his time trading song ideas with industry producers, hanging out in studios and performing as a live drummer. "I got my first crack at studio work at age 15, as a guest drummer on an album from Cleveland, and it consumed me", David says. 

Between the years of 2001 and 2009 David spent much of his time working with bands, producers, and artists such as Jerrod Bettis (drummer/producer/writer- Adele, Gavin Degraw, OneRepublic, SNL, ect...), Gungor (Beautiful Things - Nominated for 2 grammys in 2010 and 1 grammy in 2011), and Rocker Studios (Alice In Chains tracking and Jackson 5 Mixing and Mastering).

David led worship under the wing of Integrity Artist Mark Tedder, at Woodmen Valley Chapel, a 6000 member church in Colorado Springs, CO starting in 2004. Fall of 2005 he became the worship director for Woodmen's student ministries, as well as led a next gen worship gatherings with author and pastor J.R. Briggs. In 2006, he moved to Boulder, CO where he served as the Worship Director at Calvary Bible; a two campus church of 1500 members. He then spent his time from 2009-2014 being involved in music, and other forms of creative expression, in a Faith community called The Journey Church in San Jose,CA. In 2013 sixty radio stations from all over the world pickup David’s single “Hope Is Found In You”. Shorty after, he joined a team of worship leaders and musicians at Cornerstone in Chandler, AZ.

During the summer of 2018, David and his family moved to Modesto, CA to start the process of ordination to the priesthood in The Anglican Church in North America. While still in the ordination process, he moved back to Arizona in 2019 and helps pastor Life Church Peoria, AZ. 

He is still involved in music locally, nationally, and internationally, as he continues to write and produce music.



David Ruybalid has been a driving force for the music industry in many different ways. He has performed, produced, mentored artists, and coached performing groups of all different genres and contexts.

He was raised in the church, but in his early twenties found himself willing to walk away from the Christian faith that he was raised in. Beginning to study the Christian faith deeper, he began to write in order to be able to work out his thoughts. After walking through both a trying intellectual and experiential journey with God, David’s faith has been anchored deeper in Jesus. He is devoted to studying and teaching about scripture, Jesus, history, and the Christian faith.

David hopes to create safe environments for people who are wrestling with faith. Most of the people who find themselves drawn to his work are people who have been raised in Christianity, never felt safe to ask tough questions, and are seeking conversations that their community is not always willing to have. Many people in these moments of their journey feel alone. Many are scared to open up about their critiques, comments, questions, and complaints about Christianity, for fear of being ostracized.

David is committed to writing in order to both help skeptics consider Christianity in fresh new ways, and to help devoted followers of Jesus grow deeper in the ways of Jesus.

He currently resides in Arizona with his family and is studying to become a priest in the Anglican Churches in North America. He has had articles published by Amity Coalition, Altarwork, and currently writes for http://www.IDoubtIt.online. David also runs a podcast with Zach Zienka (www.ZachZienka.com) called “I Doubt It”. He is a member of “The College Theology Society”.

This blog is for all who care to be honest about things of faith.



David Ruybalid is a well sought after communicator.

His style brings encouragement and challenge with Christ fully at the center.

David loves speaking at conferences and being a guest for church services.



David Ruybalid enjoys helping bring the vision and idea of a song to life.
Listen to a few of the songs he has produced that are featured below.



"David has passionately pursued excellence in his music for over 18 years... He continues to grow into a consummate worship leader... As one of my closest friends, I can say that David Ruybalid is one of those young men who will change the world for the Glory of God."

- Brad Nyght: Drummer/Producer: The Desperation Band, Lincoln Brewster, Gungor

"David has a gift of writing worship songs that are substantive as well as a confidence in leading worship songs that are within the mainstream of worship trends."

- Mark Tedder: Recording Artist/Worship Leader

“David Ruybalid is a talented singer/songwriter and musician and an excellent worship leader. He is comfortable writing and performing in several musical styles and his strong voice complements his ability to play guitar, bass, drums, or keyboards. This is a versatile artist you cannot miss!”

- Mike Triem General Manager KLZ/KLDC/KLTT/KLVZ(Denver)

"He has a strong, rocky voice that has a good range and can convey emotion, and there are a number of interesting and unexpected musical surprises...in truth one feels the best of David Ruybalid is still to come."

- Doug Holland of Cross Rhythms http://www.crossrhythms.co.uk/



Modesto, CA

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