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David Ruybalid has been a driving force in the music industry in many different ways. He has performed, produced, mentored artists, and coached performing groups of various genres and contexts.


Though raised in the church, in his early twenties, David found himself willing to walk away from the Christian faith in which he was raised. However, as he began to study the Christian faith more deeply, he started writing as a means to work out his thoughts. Through an intellectual and experiential journey with God, David's faith has become anchored even deeper in Jesus. He is devoted to studying and teaching about scripture, Jesus, history, and the Christian faith.


David's aim is to create safe environments for individuals who are wrestling with their faith. Many who are drawn to his work are people who grew up in Christianity but never felt safe enough to ask tough questions. They seek conversations that their community may be unwilling to have, often feeling isolated in their journey. They fear opening up about their critiques, comments, questions, and complaints about Christianity, dreading potential ostracization. Many have experienced a certain level of religious trauma and consequently lack a sense of safety within the Christian community in which they were raised.


David is committed to working in order to help skeptics consider Christianity in fresh and new ways, while also assisting devoted followers of Jesus in growing deeper in their understanding and practice of His ways.


Currently residing in Arizona with his family, David has had articles published by Amity Coalition, Altarwork, and writes for Additionally, he co-hosts the podcast 'The Evolution of Faith' with Zach Zienka ( David is frequently featured as a guest on other podcasts, discussing topics such as religious trauma, theology, and various aspects of faith and culture. He is also a member of 'The College Theology Society.' Alongside his diverse interests, David has been a sought-after music producer, ordained as a pastor in 2017, and is a certified trauma-informed coach.

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